Corporate Information

We are a joint stock company established in December 2004 according to the investment law No.8 of 1997 and its executive regulations, with an authorized and paid in capital of EGP 100 million with total investments around EGP 200 million. KAHRABA is a subsidiary company of NatEnergy.

NatEnergy Company the investment arm of Mr. Nasser El Khorafi in Egypt established in 1997 by leading Kuwaiti and Egyptian businessmen with the vision of becoming a prime investment partner in Egypt's emerging private sector. The company has a paid-up capital of USD 209.824 million with total assets of USD 1373 million.

National Gas Company (NATGAS - a subisidary of NatEnergy) is an Egyptian joint stock company, established in Egypt in February, 1998 under the provision of the investment incentives and guarantees law no. 8. With an authorized capital of EGP 800 million and a subscribed and a paid in capital of EGP 100 million.

NATGAS scope of activities is to undertake the transportation and distribution of natural gas to end-users.