Human Capital

People are an integral part of our business; we have a responsibility towards them as follows:
  • We proactively ensure the continuous creation of appropriate work environment      
  • We create a stimulating and open work culture that encourages personal development, rewards high efficiency performance, fosters creativity and celebrates success.
  • Adopting admirable principles and values of business ethics.
  • We extend our inter-relations among employees to embrace and organize social gatherings and activities.
  • Disseminating awareness among our employees.
We continued to provide the employees with information on all services and products available in the local market as appropriate to them and their families through the company’s Intranet. We also publish informative messages on the available discounts offered. This is in addition to electronically communicating various aspects to the employees such as congratulatory messages, condolences, decision announcements, and circulars. Furthermore, we managed to obtain special offers from hotels, private schools, sport clubs, and newspapers and magazines that may be beneficial to our employees and their families.