Wadi El Natroon Project (OHTL Network):

Kahraba has an approval from EETC to supply Energy from its power plants in Borg Al-Arab  via  the  governmental transmission lines through Wadi el Natroon industrial substation 66/22kv with total power  25 MW


 Kahraba has constructed distribution network with 46KM length  @ 22kV via  OHTL  & underground  cables  in Wadi el Natroon region to supply 48 farms with total power 8.6 MW. Granting customer backup solutions with a  Highly  qualified O&M team available 24/7 supported by smart metering system along with remote monitoring system for all customers .

Kahraba has provided reliable energy for 7,000 acres for agriculture land in a remote region to support the agricultural & fruits and vegetables export activities in Egypt as well a significant cost saving in diesel fuel.