Operation, Testing & Maintenance

KAHRABA has been developing and perfecting best practices for utility operations and maintenance. We offer utility management options that are customized for your specific priorities.
Our Operation and Maintenance Services include:
  • Audit Services. analyze portions or all of your O&M functions, recommend areas of improvement and estimate payback potential.
  • On-site O&M Leadership Service. provide an on-site employee who will provide the daily leadership needed to handle all responsibilities for the O&M function.
  • On-site O&M Integrated Services. provide a complete on-site staff or employ current plant staff and handle the daily O&M functions.
  • Establishment of schedules and procedures for routine inspections.
  • Prompt repair or replacement of defective equipment found during inspection and testing.
  • Inventory of spare parts for equipment that needs frequent repairs.
  • Use of an organized record-keeping system to schedule tests and follow-up actions.
  • Electrical Maintenance
    • Engine generators powered by (NG – LFO – HFO).
    • Power & Distribution transformers.
    • MV Systems (switchgears, protection system, auxiliary system).
    • Pumps.
  • Utility Maintenance
    • Firefighting networks.
    • HVAC Systems.
    • Electricity Distribution Network.
    • Fire alarm systems.