Power Generation & Distribution

Our experts have hands-on experience in electric power production and distribution combined with the expertise in all related technical, financial, and legal areas.
We have the knowledge, the skill and the ability to customize the services we provide to fit the ongoing changes in the market as well as the regulatory environments and the varying operational needs of our clients.
Kahraba has already taken significant steps towards investing in promising projects in the field of electrical power generation.
We provide electric energy solutions to industrial and commercial clients through the following activities.
1)     Building electricity generation power plants and sub-stations.
2)     Executing and managing Electromechanical projects.
We are committed to delivering intelligent technical solutions which offer cost savings and added value.  Our flexibility enables you to achieve a precise match for your procurement strategies and operational needs combined.
Kahraba provides services through different operating solutions.
1)     Build, Own and Operate (BOO)
2)     Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT)
3)     Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)
4)     Providing 24/7 Operation and Maintenance (O&M)